Ahhhh the temperature reached 60 yesterday; today the thermometer reads 39 but it feels much warmer lots of snow still but it’s….. melting. I moved the car a little too close to the lawn and made a giant rut, which I just raked over but mud season has arrived. It’s OK because I’m still wearing my LLBean ducks. All my snow pictures away spring and bird pictures in their place.
My little tin garden chickens, poor things…..I never leave them outside and this year I did…the snow and ice gave them a pounding. I hope they can recover with minimal repairs.

cold chickens

Just finished some spring cleaning: windows, dusting, vacuuming and picked up my draft dodgers. Thought about lowering the thermostat but I don’t want to get too carried away. I say now more snow until November What do you think?

I channeling my inner Mother Nature hoping for more warm spring sun shiny days.
My ukulele had to go back for repairs so it looks like I can catch up on painting.


OWEEE….it’s been cold. Our weather station keeps track of the lowest and highest temperature. The record right now is -6.2. The lowest wind chills I’ve seen has been -14. We’ve also had strong winds but through multiple storms our electricity has been unfailing and that means we’re good.
I keep my own snow totals and for January we got 31 inches….February so far 47 inches….that’s a lot of shoveling. I call it hand therapy; so that means my hand is getting stronger. I see the doctor next week and hopefully schedule the surgery to have the pins removed and that’s one more step to normalcy. Snow and icicles on the gutters getting scary so….. son to the rescue clearing gutters and shoveling roof….very grateful for his strength and durability.
Before…icy 001 NEPTUNE 031


Thank 2014 for all the memories, here is a photo recap.

2014 review

Here’s to 2015 and what surprises await.

Happy New Year!

thanksging13The smell of Thanksgiving drifts from the kitchen, pumpkin pie and whipped cream for supper. I think it’s a balanced meal…vegetable, dairy, carbohydrates; oops no protein. I’ll have eggs in the morning. Soon the house will be filled with family and love to

So many blessings this year: my family, my health, my retirement, my freedom. Each of these blessings a gift wrapped up with love, tiny blessing stored away in photographs and stories waiting to be shared. We gather in happiness and warmth with food, wine and memories.

I wish all a bounty of blessing to celebrate with loved ones.

autumn evening

Each season brings much to enjoy here in New England.
Summers’ parting is such sweet sorrow. The sun…the sun…the strong sun…sends us to the beach for cool breezes and picnics. We delight in family vacations watching and playing with the children. The simple carefree life, unhurried and relaxed will remain in our photos and memories…while time marches on.
Now we turn to Fall my favorite time of year…sweaters and wood fires…the beauty of the trees. As the temperatures drops, families gather in the warmth of the kitchen preparing roasted dinners and baked pies. After dinner our games at the table brings out fun for some and amusement for all. Outside activities are limited to bird watching and filling the feeder. I keep busy with a bit of painting, reading and watching Downton Abby from Season 1.
My wrist is doing well, progress is slow but it is progress. It’s been 8 weeks. I now have a removable splint and a busy OT schedule. My therapist gives me props for being the only patient in 22 years so thorough with my counting and keeping up my schedule at home. I hope that is a good sign for the future of my tennis game.

Labor Day the unofficial end of summer brings lots of movement: vacationers back to work…students and teachers back to school…warm days of summer to the cool days of fall…of course the birds, insects and many other creatures, move to find a warmer place for winter where food is readily available.

I am on the move from summer fun outside to fall. My summer ended August 7 with a fall on the tennis court. It wasn’t really the worst fall in my life but it did fracture my wrist and sent me to the ER. X-rays revealed surgery the best option for returning to the courts, hopefully with an improved backhand. So now I tackle the world with one hand. How many times have you needed another hand to carry more or do more? Now I do more with less. Interesting my last post was about wanting more …now I need more time…more patience…more help. Lesson learned,” BE CAREFUL what you wish for”… For now I am on the move to DR appointments and hand therapy…. just me rambling around.
birding 006me

An oldie but a goodie…one of my all time favorite commercials. I want more!

More Sun
More Beach
More Tennis
More Creativity
More hugs
More Road TRips
More Fun

March Madness is upon us…No I’m not talking about the weather, spring is coming we all just need the patience to await its arrival.
I’m talking the time of year when everyone goes back to college, even the folks who never went to college, and get wrapped up in all the hype. Why not….fans are treated to a month-long sportapalooza…do you have your brackets filled out. I know there are a few non fans who dread the hours of: who is in, who’s out, who will make it to the sweet sixteen, or the final four and become the National Champions of college basketball. This is BIG and there is lots of money to be made for scholarships, athletic departments and the bottom line for colleges everywhere.
But it’s fun too…watching these young athletes and their fans becomes infectious.  The Super Bowl this year hyped for 2 weeks and delivered a less than sporting nearly forgettable 43 – 8 crushing defeat to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by Russell Wilson and the Seattle SeaHawks.  The NCAA will not disappoint…..these young players are full of energy and determination to make their mark.  Though many will be defeated non will forget their time at the big dance.

It started Monday with the choosing of the 68 teams who made it and first games are tonight.   It doesn’t stop til all the body paint is sold and all their voices are silenced as a champion is crowned April 7 in Arlington, Texas.  So hold onto your brackets and get ready for the “Trill of victory and the agony of defeat”  Come on IT WILL BE FUN!

UMass is a 6 seed and Harvard is a 12 so my home state is well represented and I love the home team underdogs….GO MINUTEMEN!

MEbootsMy mind has been rambling these days as it often does and so today I will record such a tale of prognostication many may find hard to hold true.
But in fact I have proof….
These are my L.L.Bean boots purchased in November 2013 at the Wareham Crossing L.L.Bean Outlet. Not only was I happy with the comfort but also the low, low 30% off the discounted price. And when the first snow fell in December I put on these wonderfully warm, all weather boots knowing my feet are dry and safe in the cold slippery streets. So what is the point….I have worn them every day since…that’s nine weeks of snow and ice and freezing temperatures. I have brought this weather upon the nation because at the time of purchase I did not know they could predict the weather. It stands to reason in my mind that if a Pennsylvania groundhog can predict the arrival of spring, so too can a pair of ME boot predict the arrival of a record-breaking winter. This being the first year of the phenomenon I realize more data is needed and I will be sure to keep you informed of my discoveries. Until then I think I will go buy a pair of sandals. Just saying…


The New Year has come in with a cold snap like none I have known before, Global Warming to the max.  Gas tank filled on the fourth and the boiler running full time.  I can see the dollars signs flying right out the vent. The lowest temperature recorded in my backyard was –10. That’s a record I do not want to break.  But if Global Warming is coming why aren’t we warmer?  Well turns out GW isn’t just a rise in ocean and air temperatures, it’s the cause of greater shifts in the norm…meaning hotter summers and colder winters….stronger storms and greater dips in the jet stream.  Yeah we’ve all heard of the Polar Vortex taking a recent trip south bringing with it extreme weather across the whole country, this may be a trend I do not want to return, but knowing New England weather wait a minute or a week it will change.