Recently, my cousin Alexis and I set out to find great grandparents on the Ashley side of our family tree.  Alexis’ mom had taken me to some of the graves several years ago and I made some quick notes.  Using these notes Alexis and I set out… our first stop in Lakeville on Kingman Street we found the Strobridge Cemetery.  Here we found Andrew and Ana McGee our great great grandparents.  Unfortunately their head stones are broken and in very poor condition, I took a picture but it really doesn’t show anything and I did not take notes, so a return visit is a must.  There are only a few stones around them and none give us any information we can relate to our family.  So next stop Assonet Cemetery on 79.  This is a very large area with many graves old and new scattered about in no particular pattern.  We eagerly set out on foot to find: Fredrick and Lavinia Haskins our great grandparents on our mothers side.  There are lots of Haskins but we had given up for the day and were driving out when Alexis spotted them!  The stones are quite impressive and decorative …we were really excited to find them. Lavinia’s stone needs some cleaning and I’ll be visiting again soon and will clean up in the spring.

Consider the roots of a tree we don’t see them but we know they are responsible for the health and beauty of the limbs and leaves.  Today I saw some roots and I thought how beautiful.