The cold weather of April has given way to a warmer than usual May. We have enjoyed many summer-like days with lots of time for tennis. The grass and gardens are very green and as the rainfall is below average all are in need of a drink. The wind has added to the dry air and the high pollen count is the cause of many scratchy throats and itchy eyes. Although rain has sometimes threatened and cancelled a few tennis matches we really need a bit. Our May flowers like violets, irises, lilacs are all doing well. My pansy baskets are producing nicely and the one below the bird feeder is sprouting sunflowers. MM and I have enjoyed fresh asparagus regularly and I made a rhubarb sauce, to top waffles, that was very tasty…it’s always nice to eat anything so fresh and grown in your backyard.
A and I visited the Allen’s Pond Audubon Sanctuary on Monday for a bird watching morning. A had binoculars and I my camera we enjoyed a long list of sightings. The most exciting was a flock of glossy ibises, my first ever sighting and I got some nice photos. The blue sky was amazing dotted with wispy white clouds. Hoping to find out where the meadowlarks are for my next visit.
glossy ibis2osprey at Allens Pond Audubon