YEAH….spring is here, and although the cold weather lingers we have enjoyed the warm sun a bit. I’ve worked in the yard, planted some parsley, rosemary, heather, and dill. Also transplanted some long neglected garlic that was in a big clump, now it’s in a neat row and hopefully will produce this fall. With any luck, the rabbits and woodchucks will leave us some. Got some nice pansies and put them in pots on the deck. The peanut butter log is replaced with hummingbird feeder awaiting the arrival of our summer friends. The goldfinches have their golden coats and continue to enjoy the sunflower seed. They look very nice with the pansies just below. Daffodils and primroses are out and the tulips will soon follow.

Big news…. the nine-month journey from broken wrist to normalcy has met another milestone. I no longer have the pins holding the ligament keeping my ulna and radius together. My second surgery was done earlier this month and just this week had my final visit with my orthopedic surgeon. Happy to report I’m all healed, have no restrictions, and ready to get back out on the tennis court. Fun in the sun and get my body, back in shape. My ukulele will help the fingers return to smooth working machine they once were. “ Use it or Lose it” my mantra for the rest of the year!

Very grateful for all those responsible for my care: doctors, nurses, and therapists even the ambulance drivers. To my family and friends, all your get-well wishes, dinners, and rides helped so much.

golden goldfinches