Ahhhh the temperature reached 60 yesterday; today the thermometer reads 39 but it feels much warmer lots of snow still but it’s….. melting. I moved the car a little too close to the lawn and made a giant rut, which I just raked over but mud season has arrived. It’s OK because I’m still wearing my LLBean ducks. All my snow pictures away spring and bird pictures in their place.
My little tin garden chickens, poor things…..I never leave them outside and this year I did…the snow and ice gave them a pounding. I hope they can recover with minimal repairs.

cold chickens

Just finished some spring cleaning: windows, dusting, vacuuming and picked up my draft dodgers. Thought about lowering the thermostat but I don’t want to get too carried away. I say now more snow until November What do you think?

I channeling my inner Mother Nature hoping for more warm spring sun shiny days.
My ukulele had to go back for repairs so it looks like I can catch up on painting.