autumn evening

Each season brings much to enjoy here in New England.
Summers’ parting is such sweet sorrow. The sun…the sun…the strong sun…sends us to the beach for cool breezes and picnics. We delight in family vacations watching and playing with the children. The simple carefree life, unhurried and relaxed will remain in our photos and memories…while time marches on.
Now we turn to Fall my favorite time of year…sweaters and wood fires…the beauty of the trees. As the temperatures drops, families gather in the warmth of the kitchen preparing roasted dinners and baked pies. After dinner our games at the table brings out fun for some and amusement for all. Outside activities are limited to bird watching and filling the feeder. I keep busy with a bit of painting, reading and watching Downton Abby from Season 1.
My wrist is doing well, progress is slow but it is progress. It’s been 8 weeks. I now have a removable splint and a busy OT schedule. My therapist gives me props for being the only patient in 22 years so thorough with my counting and keeping up my schedule at home. I hope that is a good sign for the future of my tennis game.