Labor Day the unofficial end of summer brings lots of movement: vacationers back to work…students and teachers back to school…warm days of summer to the cool days of fall…of course the birds, insects and many other creatures, move to find a warmer place for winter where food is readily available.

I am on the move from summer fun outside to fall. My summer ended August 7 with a fall on the tennis court. It wasn’t really the worst fall in my life but it did fracture my wrist and sent me to the ER. X-rays revealed surgery the best option for returning to the courts, hopefully with an improved backhand. So now I tackle the world with one hand. How many times have you needed another hand to carry more or do more? Now I do more with less. Interesting my last post was about wanting more …now I need more time…more patience…more help. Lesson learned,” BE CAREFUL what you wish for”… For now I am on the move to DR appointments and hand therapy…. just me rambling around.
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