March Madness is upon us…No I’m not talking about the weather, spring is coming we all just need the patience to await its arrival.
I’m talking the time of year when everyone goes back to college, even the folks who never went to college, and get wrapped up in all the hype. Why not….fans are treated to a month-long sportapalooza…do you have your brackets filled out. I know there are a few non fans who dread the hours of: who is in, who’s out, who will make it to the sweet sixteen, or the final four and become the National Champions of college basketball. This is BIG and there is lots of money to be made for scholarships, athletic departments and the bottom line for colleges everywhere.
But it’s fun too…watching these young athletes and their fans becomes infectious.  The Super Bowl this year hyped for 2 weeks and delivered a less than sporting nearly forgettable 43 – 8 crushing defeat to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by Russell Wilson and the Seattle SeaHawks.  The NCAA will not disappoint…..these young players are full of energy and determination to make their mark.  Though many will be defeated non will forget their time at the big dance.

It started Monday with the choosing of the 68 teams who made it and first games are tonight.   It doesn’t stop til all the body paint is sold and all their voices are silenced as a champion is crowned April 7 in Arlington, Texas.  So hold onto your brackets and get ready for the “Trill of victory and the agony of defeat”  Come on IT WILL BE FUN!

UMass is a 6 seed and Harvard is a 12 so my home state is well represented and I love the home team underdogs….GO MINUTEMEN!