MEbootsMy mind has been rambling these days as it often does and so today I will record such a tale of prognostication many may find hard to hold true.
But in fact I have proof….
These are my L.L.Bean boots purchased in November 2013 at the Wareham Crossing L.L.Bean Outlet. Not only was I happy with the comfort but also the low, low 30% off the discounted price. And when the first snow fell in December I put on these wonderfully warm, all weather boots knowing my feet are dry and safe in the cold slippery streets. So what is the point….I have worn them every day since…that’s nine weeks of snow and ice and freezing temperatures. I have brought this weather upon the nation because at the time of purchase I did not know they could predict the weather. It stands to reason in my mind that if a Pennsylvania groundhog can predict the arrival of spring, so too can a pair of ME boot predict the arrival of a record-breaking winter. This being the first year of the phenomenon I realize more data is needed and I will be sure to keep you informed of my discoveries. Until then I think I will go buy a pair of sandals. Just saying…