thanksging13Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. The family, the food, the football, and the fun…. what’s not to like. Today… checking my to do list I was comparing Thanksgiving as a kid to present day.
1960…My mom in the kitchen… apron on, coffee cup and cigarettes at the ready, preparing the biggest turkey she could find. Big bowls of; fruit, olives, pickles, and nuts to nibble. Everything made from scratch….apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, breads, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, onions…. and the stuffing. There were no cookbooks around, she made them on a weekly basis anyway, so no problem remember how much or measuring. The one thing she mixed up was the stuffing. This she experimented with: oysters, chestnut, cranberry…I don’t know where she got these ideas perhaps a neighbor or the newspaper, but each one was savored, some more than others but we never had a complaint. Our family, of ten children, made most things disappear easily. The drumsticks were coveted; somebody would call dibs and we all agreed without a fuss. There was never a problem with leftovers; they were gone in a day. We didn’t always have everyone home; some of the boys in the service, some working but we were thankful for the bounty of blessing at that big table.
Today I’ve made my lists and divided the cooking to do a bit each day. I look for the smallest turkey I can find…usually 10-14 pounds. I will have a recipe for everything I make, and I will have to check constantly to make sure I haven’t forgotten and ingredient. The drumsticks will probably be delegated to soup. There will be leftovers: I make up a good doggie bag for whoever wishes but… there will be leftovers. Turkey sandwiches are almost as in demand as the turkey itself, but there will be leftovers. This is the second year seven of us will gather around my grandmother oak table. We too are thankful for our many blessing. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksginving.