Oh dear….where has the time gone?  Fall is here and the trees are having their annual colorfest.  BUT…my camera is in the hospital….my ipad is covering for her and I’m sure she’s up to the task it’s me I’m worried about.    This new season brings it annual changes in….my wardrobe,  my bird feeders, my yard work and my baking.  My usual flocks of goldfinches  were as scarce as my sunflowers this summer and the abundance of woodland berries have kept the birds high in the trees, unavailable for photo ops.  Then I put out my sunflower seeds, the titmice, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, and chickadees are back.

A few nights ago MM heard a  noise on the deck.  He flipped on the light and opened the curtain to find a couple of young raccoons enjoying themselves at the bird feeder.  They were undaunted by the light and continued their meal.  They walked along the railing and he sees a large one, most likely the mom or dad, and 2 more little ones.  They slowly ambled off the deck through the yard and into the woods…leaving behind and empty feeder.  When the birds feed they flick seeds all over easily sharing with the squirrels and chipmunks.  The raccoons left not a stray seed not one feeding a family of five not an easy task unless you fill your feeder daily.   I will bring in my feeder at night and let the raccoons move on to someone else’s backyard.

I include the following picture taken through te screen at 2 am with MM phone as evidence.

twin raccoons