My cone flowers and butterfly bush have been hard at work calling all butterflies. Though hot weather has sapped much of their beauty and the blooms are less than showy; they have dutifully attracted lots of swallowtails, fritillaries, skippers, and an occasional monarch.  Photo ops have been at a minimum however I’ve managed a few.  So what have they all been up to well.

A few years ago I was surprised to see a beautiful orange milkweed pop up out of no where. The leaves and blossoms look like the regular milkweed but much smaller and the flowers are a wonderful orange. My little surprise has been coming up each year and late summer brings tiny pods of the lovely white tufted seeds. I harvested the seeds and planted them but it’s only the original, that keeps coming back. This year I was more than happy to see her reappear and snapped this quick shot…we will call this Before

butterfly weed2


This week as I was walking by I checked out my little friend she was hardly recognizable.  All her leaves gone and a hoard of hungry dinner guest perched on top.  This is the After…not a leave or a pod just bare stems.  The herbivores are look like they wiped me out and I cannot identify them at this time.  I’m still looking not sure what they will eat now.  I checked today and there is no sign of them.  I love  the flowers and the friends they attract so I can’t be to disappointed that they’ve done their job.  Just wondering will my little orange milkweed be back.IMG_7924a