semaforeHello July…. June was very raining wettest in years, July started out pretty water logged, and then the heat wave hit.
Glad to head out to the beach where on shore breezes and the ocean temperature can keep you quite comfortable. Make sure you bring your sun block because the sun will creep up and burn you pretty quick. Reports of Portuguese man’o war in Westport got every one concerned but it appears the Gulf Stream and winds blew them in town and right out again we didn’t see any.
I so enjoyed the sun, surf, and sand with my VT daughter this week. The boys joined us one day; the big surf was crashing noisily and kept them running up the beach. Sand castles were made and let stand not immediately stomped upon, what a difference a year makes. There were not many beach goers out there with us and the boys continued to drift of to the left. After many attempts to get them to stay closer to our spot I decided a different approach was needed. I got their florescent green shovels and proceeded to send semaphore like signals. Yes they got the message right until the next big wave rolled in.