sunny daisies
Officially the First Day of Summer starts at 1:04 am tomorrow but every day of sunshine this month has felt like summer. The rainy spring kept the warmer temperatures a bay with Mother Nature’s own irrigation system turning the backyard into a marsh. The grass kept growing and the lawn mowers were broken…all three of them, until after repairs we got them working and got the job done. The rhubarb and asparagus were slow to start but we have enjoyed many servings of both; a great strawberry rhubarb pie and lots of asapagus grilled and steamed and fatatas…Oh my!
The super full moon will be rising at about 8:00 on Sunday evening and I hope to see sunrise and sunset over at Assawampset Pond with my camara weather permitting. The sun. the moon, and the stars on a summer night sounds sweet to me.