Beginnings and better than endings.  I’m talking season today.  Here in New England, after the winter we look forward to the spring; its green growing flowers and trees, after the spring; we long for beach days and cookouts.  Fall; we welcome the relief of heat waves and colors bursting in the trees; and of course winter brings fun in the snow and a white Christmas.  True New Englanders would not think of living anywhere else.
This year our February and March snowfalls have piled up and if it were December, I’d be in love with it!  However it’s spring and my enthusiasm for snow has diminished greatly, replaced with come on spring.  Perhaps it’s the winter long break downs of the plow truck and a snow season with more debits than profits, knowing there will be no recovery.  It’s more like the end of a vacation you are not looking forward to laundry and unpacking.  Why is the drive home from a vacation so much longer than the drive to a vacation? 

So Mother Nature is it too much to ask for snow in the winter and sun in the summer.  Light spring rains in the spring and brisk winds in the fall.  You don’t always have to be unpredictable.  I know “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” And I am so looking forward to your spring lamblike weather.  

On our recent trip up the east coast we saw lots of green grass growing and many trees blossoming , so please don’t be late.  cblossoms