fullmoon on iceSaturday evening as I drove by Assawompset Pond in Lakeville, a beautiful full moon hung above the frozen water in the pink sky.  I had my camera and quickly stopped for a great shot, but I didn’t have my zoom lens.   I settled for a few shots thinking maybe they will come out and was on my way.  Well, they were less than I expected but I planned to return on Sunday and get the shot I knew would be waiting.  Now I could have looked up the time of the moon rise….but I felt if it rose at 4:45 on Saturday it is likely to be around 5:00 on Sunday…so I just went at 5:00.  There was no hint of a moon…at 5:30 still no moon…at 6:00 still no sign.  So we went for a drive through the causeway around the lakes, it was very dark and still no sign.  Now we try to calculate knowing full well that the moon rises and set predictably every day.  Dividing 28 moons into 24 hours or is it 24 hours into 28 moons.  How about 365 days by 13 moons per year?  Well I’m sure you figured out we had no clue as to the formula for finding our answer.  We called it a night and headed home before long up pops the moon to our right.  OK stop away from lights and try for a shot.  I do have the zoom lens but now it is so dark I need a filter, which I don’t have.  I disappointedly take a few shots.  You see I wanted the pink sky just at sunset over the blue ice with green tree horizon.  Well maybe next month because I know a great place to see it again and I’ll leave the calculating to the astronomers that have it plotted out for the next 50 years.    Also January’s full moon is called the Wolf Moon.     Interesting enough at 10:00pm on Saturday night I heard what I thought was coyotes in the back woods making quite a racket.  At 3:00am MM heard it again really loud he dressed and got his spotlight…but when he got outside it had stopped.  He was sure we would find where they had taken down a deer in the woods.  We didn’t.  Again Sunday night at 10:00pm big howling a bit deeper in the woods; are they hunting or celebrating the Wolf Moon?bluemoon