winterpath2Three days of single digit temperatures and wind chills in the below zero range have kept the new heating system working well, maintaining the house at a cozy 70 degrees.  Three new thermostats are set at an amazing 70 degrees.  Prior to this new system  the thermostat  was set at 64 degrees summer, winter, spring or fall;  never to be changed.   We did have a wood stove that kept the house quite warm and when baking something in the oven often lead to opening the doors for relief.  Now  hot water is flowing steady and all this is draining our new 100 gallon tank at warp speed.  After two months we needed a refill, and with this cold the next refill  could be soon than later.  Home heating fuel is about $3.65 cents right now….LP gas was $2.62 last fill so we are saving per gallon but are we using more fuel?  Though there is no turning the clock back on this we will have to keep an eye what will be.

So for now I paint,  read, cook, watch the birds, build puzzles and enjoy a warm cozy home.