My home is small and after 40 years of gathering stuff it is even smaller.  The windows are small and impossible to clean.   The first thing I do every morning is open the kitchen door and look outside, if the temperature is favorable I’ll leave it open.  Then into the TV room and open the curtain to sliding glass door with a pleasant view of the sunrise.  .  Again, if the weather is nice I will leave that door open also.  I want sunshine.  Next I get my coffee and sit down to enjoy the birds at the feeder.  What a way to start your day.

Because the  kitchen is small and always been a busy place when the family stops by for dinner.  The boys use the slider to go in and out.  Like most kids they’re not so sure if they want to be in or out.  The door itself is a bit heavy but the screen is easily opened and closed.  One warm day not long when the boys were here, the adults in the kitchen,  we hear a CRASH and then howling.  We rush into the TV room…Harry is half in half out and the screen door is very warped.   (We think his brother closed the door and he didn’t know it.) His mom soothes his bruises, he must have super powers to bend the door like that.  He settled down quickly and we bent the door back.  Later when everyone was outside, there was Harry running and spinning and using his super powers outside.  Right where they should be used.