I love August…  I got married in August and it was so hot that day.  It was a time before AC .  No AC  in the church, no AC at the reception and no AC  in our 3rd floor apartment.  There was a moment or two when I thought perhaps June was a better wedding month.  Twenty years later my niece got married in Maine, and although it was definitely the hottest day in Maine ever  it was perfect.  The sun shining through the trees dappling the green grass.  It reminded me of summer days as a kid laying in the grass watching these great big white clouds float by, chewing on  a piece of timothy.  Then in 2010  my own daughter chose to get married in August. in Vermont, at the top of  Jay Peak.  Although a slight mist drifted down and cooled everything off it onlyslightly dampened  our photo shoot.   We enjoyed a fantastic day celebrating under cover of the indoor the riding ring. 

So it was no surprise when our family started vacationing together we chose a week in August.  This was a second year spending a week together 7 adults, 2 grandchildren, 2 granddogs, some friends and visitors.  Caspian Lake;  in Greensboro, VT, was the setting this year.  We stayed in a five bedroom lake house, with a short hike to the lake.  The disappointment of not being right on the lake was soon replaced with the gratitude of being far enough away eo enjoy the privacy of a big yard away from everyone else. 

Caspian Lake was the star…so clear and cool, its rocky bottom  reflects the mountains that surround it.  Anytime of the day out in the  kayaks the peace and quiet was so enjoyable.  Then we go in and watch the boys catch minnows and crayfish til their lips turned blue.  Then up to the house where cocktails and h’orderves magically appeared out of nowhere, wrapped in towels or sweatshirts.  Then the real magic began!  AA brought a magic tricks kit complete with a magic hat and wand.  The boys loved seeing  AA do the tricks, then; learning them to  putting on their own magic show….complete with magician voices, audience participation, and bows.

I thank all my children for a wonderful week of memories and this post is already too long so I will end with MM’s shining hour and the biggest fish, a 19″ lake trout.