This weekend with the boys we went chasing butterflies.  The net I got years ago it’s just a kids kind of thing and the first time I bought it home my ten-year old grandniece was visiting.  I gave her the net and sent her off into the back yard.  I figured that would keep her busy for quite a while and I could enjoy a cup of ice tea with my sister.  Well 2 minutes later much to my surprise, she came back with a little skipper.

Well this is the same net that Harry caught a  frog and a crayfish in a mud hole a month ago.  So the boys and I head out with net in hand.  I have a good garden of cone flowers and a blooming butterfly bush so I think this will be real easy.  We quickly got a cabbage white but the monarchs and great spangled fritillaries were a challenge.  We could see them but couldn’t catch them.  I few were just about my head so Harry says they must like white clover….as I have a pink top on I say pink clover….he says white…I say pink.  Then he taps his head and says white.  Oh… I have white hair …can’t put anything over those sharp brain cells.  All though the net was empty the camera caught a few.