This week I visited the Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary in Westport.  I carried with me my camera of course.  It was a bright sunny day and when I left home the car exterior temperature was 90.  When I got to the sanctuary the temperature had dropped to 84, not much of an improvement but with a slight breeze it was comfortable.  There were a few cars in the lot but I saw no one around.  I checked out the trail map board and headed out on the beach loop.  I photographed a group of tree swallows, who were more than happy to pose and swoop through the air.  I loved the gracefulness of their flight but didn’t capture that on film.  A bit further down the road I noticed this sign and some taped off areas on my right.  As the road was lower than the adjacent area I could not see much when off to my left a bird started sounding off  and flying close by.  It didn’t take me long to figure out she or he did not want we there.  I think this is an opportunity to get a great shot, but I don’t want to get dive bombed and I don’t want to threaten the bird.  So I quickly take a few shots and run up the road.  My walk was just over an hour and I wanted to get home look at my pictures and figure out what birds I had seen.  After checking my Sibley’s Guide I concluded that the first group I encountered was tree swallows and the protective one was a willet.  I’ve been wrong before so feel free to correct me if my ID is amiss.   Also spotted: 4 redwings, 6 gulls, a thrush, and an egret.