Summertime and fishing, they just go together. 

MM longs to go fishing.  He loves the memories of his Dad fishing all the little ponds in their homemade boat.  The times he took our own children and the fun they shared.  Most of the time it was catch and release but one spring they brought 3 little ones home and put them in the swimming pool.  They lived quite happily and then released them weeks later. 

So recently on Craig’s List MM found a boat and trailer.  It now sits in our yard.  The process of registration has not been easy but the wheels are rolling and hopefully the poles will be in the water soon.  In the meantime he finds 2 kayaks with fishing poles.  Now our yard looks like this .  We have all the necessary equipment…so what is holding us back. 

Well thanks to SP and grandkids we got in a few hours this week.  As the little one doesn’t sit still for long I was lucky to get this shot.  Our 6-year-old caught the most … 4 catfish, a froglet, a crayfish, and  many bullfrog tadpoles.  My camera did not get the shot of him I wanted so I made a composite of two photos into this one little watercolor.  Happy Father’s Day!

Who wants to go fishing?