What a great weekend of beautiful weather.  The high temperature was 84 on Saturday.  The official first day of summer is June 20, at 11:08…the summer solstice….which is the longest day of the year; but with the early spring we’ve had this is the start of summer for sure.

 We started the  weekend Friday afternoon strawberry picking  at the Spring Rain Farm with  the Grandboys.  They both enjoyed the open fields and picked some big berries.  Harry is running up the row of strawberries and stops and says look what I found… a wonderful treasure…a four leaf clover.  Lucky boy don’t you think. 


On Saturday we headed back to the farm on a safari.  There are a number of cranberry bogs, a couple of ponds, a large field of strawberries, some cows and geese all surrounded by hay fields.  So lots to see.  What held their interest the longest was the polliwogs.  There were large light green bullfrog polliwogs eating the tiny black leopard frogs.  Harry had his crocs on and waded in up to his knees.  Will stayed closer to shore.   Popping their heads out the sunroof with a pair of binoculars makes for a nice photo don’t you think.  It’s always  fun to spend time with them and see the world through their eyes.