What I don’t know about traveling….can fill a book.  But my recent trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival has taught me a few things. 

1.  Expect the Unexpected…Mother Nature put on her spring coat a bit early and we missed the cherry blossoms.

2.  Research more….2012 Centennial: A Once In A Lifetime Celebration. In 1912, an incredible gift of 3000 cherry blossom trees was bestowed on Washington, DC by Tokyo, Japan.

3.  Choose off-season destinations….lots of people travel often to everywhere.

4.  Don’t leave before April 15….getting the taxes ready even a few days early is a challenge we are not quite up to yet.  Well next year it will be easier.

5.  Bring all the maps….Driving with 3 GPS and 3 maps…we stopped and bought a Rand McNally US Road Atlas then at the Connecticut Welcoming Center MM wanted a better map of CT.

6.  Buying a Smart Phone in PA…may not be a smart idea.

7.  On a two-day visit; family and friends treat you like royalty.  Thank You all!

8.  If you’re having fun…you’re doing something right.

9.  Eat…Drink….and be Merry……Tomorrow  is right around the corner.