I saw a stamp in the Post Office and wanted to visit the real thing and so I planned a trip to the cherry Blossom Festival.                        

As a retired teacher I know how to vacation.  As a self-employed tradesman my husband never  took the time to appreciated the vacation.  Now in our silver years with no chickens or pets to tie us down we could follow the sun or the cherry blossoms and go with little planning…and so a trip to the cherry blossoms with the next stop in the Shenandoah Valley eight days we’d be back in our own beds what could be easier.  My plan was with a TripTik from AAA, a suitcase, and my camera off we go.

Well, AAA wanted more information about our route so MM goes and talks to them.  He comes home with maps and info to go to DC, VA, MD, GA, FL then back to MA.

I was still skeptical of MM being away from home for that long but I let him plan.  Usually he plans A and B, then changes to C along the way.  We chose mid-April as our target dates, this being the optimum cherry blossom time, as well as MM birthday. 

Advantages: weather, taxes mailed, fewer people on vacation, and enjoying a leisurely drive through the country.