February the little month that could.  Although it is the shortest and usually the coldest month February offers lots to keep one’s wallet open and bank account stopped up. 

Starting off with…. Groundhog Day, GHD always finds me watching what the weather predicting groundhog has to say.  He has hhis own web site and week long party each year.  Perhaps next year we will party together.  Check out all the fun here Punxsutawny.  Perhaps a nice refrigerator magnet.

Then Abraham Lincoln’s birthday….try to be honest for the whole day.  Lincoln once said, “If I were two faced, would I be wearing this one.”



Next is Valentine’s Day …so all you lovers out there send that special someone some chocolates…who doesn’t love chocolate? And if true love hasn’t found you yet remember the first person to love you was your Mom!

Then Presidents Day, a great day to buy a new car I guess, and always brings with it school vacations.  Now that’s a checkbook challenge.  Some places drum up business with Winter Festivals displaying ice sculptures. ice skating rinks and other activities.

Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras go ahead spend some more money… just before lent a time  Ahhh!  time to sacrafice and give up spending money.

And last but not least 2012 is a Leap Year, so we have an extra day to buy something real special.

February the biggest little month of the year.