My 2008 Amaryllis looks really good here.  This year I got only leaves.  It’s been a problem of mine so I was delighted to see this information in my local paper. 

Amaryllis Care

 If you want to rebloom your Amaryllis each year, Rhonda Ferree, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator, offers these tips”

1.        The Amaryllis needs heat to start growing so place the pot in a dark warm, airy space until the first leaves or flower bud shows.  Then move the Amaryllis into a sunny location and water thoroughly.  Do not water again until the soil is dry to the touch.  When the flower blooms, move it out of direct sunlight so it will last longer.

2.         When the flower fades, return the pot to bright sunlight.  Allow the plant to grow a number of long strap like leaves to help rebuild the bulb.  Then to help form nest year’s bulb, begin fertilizing twice a month.  If you prefer an organic type, try fish emulsion.  Always water the plant before adding fertilizer.  When danger of frost is past, plunge the pot into your garden where the plant will receive filtered sunlight.

3.        In mid-September     the outer leaves will begin to yellow, an indication the plant needs to rest.  Cut all leaves to within an inch of the neck of the bulb, bring inside and stop watering.  Store in cool spot 40-55 degrees.  In late November or early December begin watering.  When bulb begins to show signs of growth, start the blooming cycle again. 

Good luck and hope your Amaryllis reblooms.