Thanksgiving comes with many traditions and every cook has a special one, for me its Grandma’s yellow bowl.  I use it all year round for breads but now is the time to bring it out for dressing and pies.  I enjoy the memory of Mom stirring and baking and letting the lucky kid hanging around lick the spoon. 

How did this tradition start?  Back in the 80s, my Martha Stewart years, I started buying King Arthur flour because Martha said it was the best.  On the back of the King Arthur bag was a recipe called; ” The easiest loaf of bread you’ll ever bake!” I couldn’t resist; I followed the  traditional recipe: kneading and rising twice.    Everyone loved it!  No really MM couldn’t stop raving about it.  It was now up to be to make fresh bread on a weekly basis and bring it where ever we were going.  This is when my mom passed the big yellow bowl to me. 

I love this recipe and agree it is really easy but the one part that I continues to  challenge me  is the shaping of two french style loaves.  Mine look a bit deformed and although this has no effect on the tastiness I’m always looking of ways to improve the look of the bread. One way to resolve this issue was making rolls and this has greatly improved the look and now with just two of us I can pop most in the freezer for later use. 

This year I got a new Pampered Chef stone baking pan and saw a recipe for checkerboard rolls.  They baked up nice and pretty maybe the start of another tradition.  Traditions have to start somewhere.