I did not sit in front of the TV with my Patriot jersey and helmet for Sunday’s game cheering on the Patriots like usual.  The  boys were here and throwing snowballs and building with legos is more fun.  But we had dinner during half time and sat down to enjoy the second half.  The Patriots are a second half …fourth quarter kind of team and they had pulled a win from Dallas two weeks earlier and a bye week of rest so come on boys.   However they just didn’t look like the Super Bowl Champions of old but I wasn’t going to give up on them.  There were a lot of groans in that second half and a disappointing final drive but we all know…”You can’t win them all” and “There is a lot of football left”.

What really surprised me though was watching the game On Demand Tuesday night.  NFL Network replays the game in 90 minutes and while watching  that fast forward kind of version I thought they didn’t play that bad.  The defense weren’t defending too well, the referees didn’t see the Gronkowski touchdown, Brady looked uneasy in the pocket, a few of the pass interferences were missed and that fourth quarter flair wasn’t there.    But the Patriots right now have a Turnover ratio of +2.  Brady has thrown 8 interceptions while the defense have snagged 9 this year.  On paper they look pretty good so have patience and let’s see what happens next week.