The Indian summer of October does appear to be over.  We had a number of warm bright sunny days.  Great days to be outside walking, riding, shopping, playing…. whatever makes you happy.  The Harvest moon appears to have ushered in the wind and the rain and the cold.  Each day now is getting shorter: sunrise later and sunset earlier.  The changing of the clocks will be 2:00AM Sunday, November 6 giving us an extra hour of sleep.  I’ve been keeping the house warm with cookies and soup.  Cleaning up the yard and preparing a little bonfire.  I’m not sure when to light it off but I’m  leaning toward winter solstice.  The other evening as the sun was setting, my eye caught a bright light at the top of a pine tree, a beautiful hawk, I’m thinking a young broard-winged.  Feel free to correct or disagree with me, identification is always a bit tricky with juvenile and season changes.  The variety and number of hawks have really increase in recent years and I love to take their picture.  This one seemed to enjoy it too.