Everyone has a list somewhere….grocery lists, book lists, to do lists, and of course( thanks to Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) a bucket list.

MM and I have had a List forever and this year we really tackled it with gusto.  The painting, the floor,  the leaky fossets, the water system, and my favorite getting rid of all the extension cords and rewiring the rooms so you don’t blow a breaker when vacuuming. 

Really, I don’t want to go to Paris; I’ve lived on the same street 99.9 % of my life.  I don’t want  to sky dive from a plane; I’m already on the ground..Come on I want to finish stuff I started 30 years ago.  I like finishing things…unfinished things are very bad.  Hey I’m not getting any younger, and  times a wasting. 

There is still lots to be done but we have made progress and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

We will always have a list because crossing off our accomplishments is so sweet.  Go ahead make a list and then cross something off… don’t you feel better.