Inside the house or out; I love green growing things.  That’s not the same as growing green things, and my record is less than adequate.  Watering is the challenge; I either water too much or not enough.  My Christmas cactus was doing great and then not so great.  I love jade but I’ve killed too many.  I just recently purchased a new red tipped one.  I’ve transplanted my Christmas cactus and it looks nice too.  They are  beautiful and I look forward to keeping them that way. 

Gardening outside is much the same.  My dalhias are great but I’ve had trouble wintering them in the house (the woodstove tends to dry everything out).  The soil is full of clay and lumpy. I weed, mulch, compost and share with the rabbits.  Sometimes I get lucky, this year it’s my bountiful summer squash.  They are low maintenance and high yield.  That’s why I love them.  Yummy too!