My mothers words so often come back to remind me things happen that we don’t like.  I am referring to my long time desire to redecorate with the faux painting style I call the Tuscan look.  This look was going to transform my home to an Italian villa.   Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a glass of wine among the Mediterranean sun washed wall of a terrace?  That’s the look I was going for; instead I got the New England rusty water bath tub stain.

Interesting enough that is the look my down stairs bathroom has had for year.  The look I’ve grown up with, the look I have spent countless hours scrubbing away with numerous chemicals all claiming to make the nasty orange stains disappear.  So the wall are now complimenting the shower.  Who drinks wine in the bathroom? 

Well the good news is I experimented downstairs and my living room and dining room are a sunny cracked wheat.  We will soon be eating and drinking in a neat little lived in New England cottage and I will be thankful for it.