Yes, that is the question.  I have been struggling with my decorating self for way too long.  MM and I started this project on June 18th.  We have accomplished much but our goal is still on the far horizon.  I don’t know when or why I decided to finish the walls with a faux look but it’s been on my mind for years.  I’m not really a faux kind of person.  Definitely no faux fur or animal patterns clothing.  I think of it as the Tuscan look.

So here is the history of my decisions:

2000- June 2011…faux

June 25…visited Home Depot picked out my faux options…bought ceiling paint…need to do more research on faux

June 27…taped patched walls and painted ceilings

June 30…Behr paints having a 4th of July sale saving $5 a gallon.  We got to do it .  Visited Behr online research for faux…started my account with Behr…watched videos on how to faux finishes.  Maybe I don’t want faux.  Go to HD talk with paint man, he doesn’t know…they have no info in the store everything is online now.  OK I’ve seen the videos I can do this!   We buy the paint.

July 1…We paint the walls.  I like it, maybe we won’t faux.  I should practice.  I’ll practice in the  basement bathroom.  Perfect,  we head down stairs with roller and brushes in hand.  Well let’s take everything out clean first and then paint.  OK that was a busy day but accomplished a great deal.

July 2…I will faux downstairs.  Wait MM wants to patch the seams and walls no faux today. 

July 3…Sanding and more patching no faux today.  The upstairs looks great.  I don’t want to faux.

July 5…sanding and washing and no faux.  We need to buy another gallon of paint.

July 6…MM has an appointment the temperature is rising no faux today.