The boys were here for a visit.  First thing we do is head for the backyard.  The five-year old likes to run right down to the woods.  Off he goes then stops at the chicken coop and yells back at me, “Memere another mystery bird!”  Interestingly enough on his last visit we discovered a  dead Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the grass.  This time a Veery, not really sure what is the reason for his demise but I’m thinking like so many of the birds around here; he flew into the glass windows and doors.  Most times they are stunned a bit then fly off but there have been a few casualties.

My camera battery was dead, I did not get a photo, so this ID is speculation.  I’m wondering if on his next visit he will expect another mystery bird.

The Littlest is learning to identify some backyard birds with my little singing bird collection: