I’ve always loved pockets!   Jeans with 5 pockets are my favorites.  I also love jackets with inside and outside pockets, even  better, the carpenter jeans  with extra pockets and backpacks with side pockets.  

I grew up in a time when girls and women always wore dresses.  We had play clothes for around the house and mine were jeans.   Faded jeans with holes in the knees and the cuffs rolled up, not because James Dean and Marlon Brando wore them like that,  but because they were handed down from my older siblings.  I’d fill my pockets with stones and feathers, acorns and marbles, any and all treasures were in my pockets.  I still do this today.

Come laundry time I never liked checking pockets, but with a family of five I soon learned it was a necessity.  It even had the occasional rewards of dollar bills and pocket change.  Of course I am the biggest offender; always leaving money or tissues behind.  Today’s  laundry, I knew I had money in my pockets so I checked more than 1 pocket but less than 4 pockets and washed my cell phone.  When I switched on the dryer it was making a klunking noise.  I knew right away something was in there.  I looked but didn’t find anything.  So I restarted the dryer….there it was again…this time I open the door and see my cell phone right on top.  I quickly took it out and removed the battery.  Amazingly it didn’t look too wet.  I got some advice to put the phone in rice and leave it for a few days and I am giving this a try.  In the mean time don’t try to reach me on my cell.

Although I’ve never really like carrying a pocketbook, I recently bought  a new one with 2 outside pockets and 3 inside pockets.  One of the pockets is perfect for my cell phone.  I hope I remember to put it there.