Today I got my camera out ready to record a shot of the young robins.  I see the Mom high in the trees above and she starts chirping immediately I got a shot of her.  Then I start-up the ladder and she dive bombs me.   I jump off the ladder and a baby is right there on the ground.  Now three large robins are squawking and dive bombing me.  The little robins heads in one direction I head in the other where I meet another young one.  I scare him, he scares me, and the parents are continuing to swoop all around me.  I run into the house and catch my breath.   I didn’t get one shot of the cute little ones so I decide to try again.  The parents are still squawking in the trees but there is no sign of the young ones.  Later MM goes out and reports there are two fledglings in the grass on the other side of the garage.  He has caught them twice and put them back in the nest but they jump right out.   The parents are still noisy and vigilant.  I can only wish them all good luck.  They grow up so fast I think they were hatched on May 25.