We have had a bird explosion this year….birds, once thought to be a rare sight are now seen and heard on a daily basis.  Towees, orioles, pheobes, bluebirds, woodpeckers, robins, finches, cardinals,and hawks, can be seen out any window. Right now the nest-building has been completed, eggs are being hatched and the feeding of babies is on everyone’s agenda.  An oriole nest is hanging high in a maple and well disguised by the leaves.  But I’ve seen her flying around it and settling in to keep eggs or babies warm.  We have two robin families just outside the door.  MM has been keeping a sharp eye and set up a ladder for me to photograph one nest and it’s hatchlings.  It looks like there are 3 babies inside.  It will be fun to watch their growth.  This pic ture isn’t the best…I hope I get better shots in the future.