My husband, a.k.a. MM ran his own construction business for years.  No job too big or too small.  He worked sunup til sundown 7 days a week.  Alway working or planning or on the phone.  As our family grew so did our house. 

When I became pregnant with our second child we needed a bigger house … our search for something that met our budget and location led us to the conclusion ….an addition was the best solution. 

The year was 1975.  We worked our day jobs then came home to framing, sheet rocking, painting and 100 other things required to complete such a big project.  We had tripled the size of our original home.   We did a really good job that first year, well we were young.  Our new master bedroom was ready when I came home from the hospital with our son.  even with wall paper thanks to my MiL.  Ah it was a beautiful thing. 

Somehow 36 years later there are still little things that have to be done.  This past month we worked on the front stair railing.  I wonder how long it will take to paint it? 

We will always have a TO DO list; perhaps this will keep us young.