Music…. I love it.  Not just one kind… but everything… from Gregorian chants to Sesame Street numbers.  I run around the house with my new ipod shuffle dancing and singing.  I would have music playing 24/7 but MM is not a fan….his typical response…”we’re not going to listen to this again.”  That’s why the ipod is so fantastic…. I am listening to all my favorites and he hears nothing.  His poor hearing aside, I want to hear the music.  My own children, typical of the generation gap never really connected with my wide-ranging music styles.  Whenever I started to sing in the car, they would quickly request the radio; which my husband would then allow.  Alas no station could be agreed upon, so we were sentenced to silence again. 

Grandkids are great for the musical inspiration.  They too like Sesame Street, the chicken dance song, the hamster dance and although they too may request, “Don’t sing that Memere!”  We can agree on so many musical entertainments.  I have introduced them to the pots and pan bands, kazoos, harmonicas, various whistles, and flutes.  My latest introduction is a long abandoned  electrical keyboard.  A few sleepovers ago the blue-eyed three-year old discover it stowed under the bed.  He immediately wanted to jam, but the electrical plug was long-lost and the need for 8 C cells was unattainable.  Sorry little one……

But during our most recent sleepover  Pepere comes through with a totally unexpected save, and this weekend was one of them.   He found an electrical adapter that worked the keyboard; well the music began to play and two little boys were a rockin.   The newest generation of music lovers, they’re an inspiration.  We got out the movie camera and  recorded some intense jams. At this time I cannot get the movies off the camera.  So you will have to wait for the movie to be released at a future date.