This maple tree is a direct descendent of a maple tree from MM childhood home.   It sprouted out of an azalea bush given to us when we first bought our house in 1973.  I estimate it is 37 years old.  I know 37 isn’t old.  It’s  just time has passed so quickly and the older I get the faster I get old.  Which is pretty fast at this point in my life.

  Mother Nature has taken her toll on the maple.  When it was just a sapling our children would try to climb it.  In Recent years the wood moth infestation that killed the giant oaks have attacked this tree.  The bark has black stains and is lifting away from the inner tree.  Snow storms have twisted and snapped countless branches.  One such storm my husband looked out the window… and our conversation went something like this.

MM…”Oh no the storm broke my tree swing branch!” 

ME, “We don’t have a tree swing.

MM” Yeah but I was going to put one on that branch for my grandchildren.”

ME, ” Grandchildren our kids are still teenagers.”

MM, “It won’t be long now.”

Now our grandchildren are 4 and 3, they love swings.  Our neighbor has a great swing set that we use all the time.  The big maple has bird feeders and birdhouses swinging in it branches.  The tree swing never got put up but that branch is too low for a good swing.  I wonder how many more snow storms, hurricanes, or moth attacks she can take?  Time and Mother Nature wait for no one.