The second blizzard of the season hit on Tuesday adding another 16 inches to my snow accumulations ….that’s 38 1/2 inches for this new season, resulting in 48 hours of plowing….200+ hours of repairing.   The brakes, the plow blade, hydraulic lines, oil and fluids…hopefully this will not keep up but predictions for snow are high this year. 

A blizzard?  Most people my age remember a blizzard that cancelled school for a week and measured the snow in feet not inches.  But we did meet the meteorologist definition.

A blizzard is a severe weather condition characterized by low temperatures and strong winds (greater than 35 mph) bearing a great amount of snow, either falling or blowing. In order to be classified as a blizzard, as opposed to merely a winter storm, the weather must meet several conditions. The storm must decrease visibility to a quarter of a mile for 3 consecutive hours, include snow or ice as precipitation, and have wind speeds of at least 32mph (7 or more on the Beaufort Wind Scale).

So keep your mittens and shovels handy and enjoy the warmth of your cozy homes until the power goes out. 

Snowy pictures…