In our house of ten children, birthdays weren’t too special.  My mom worked at home baking and cleaning up after this large family.  We had birthdays in just about every month: 3 January, 1 February, 2 April, my dad in May and my mom in June, 1 July, 1 October, 1 November, and me in December.  Mom always baked a cake and someone had to spank you for good luck and keep you growing; then we’d sing and blow out the candles, and that was  it.   The coolest thing about my birthday was school vacation and getting to use our Christmas sleds, skates, and games.  There was always snow and if we were lucky…the ponds would be frozen.

 My birthday cake was made by my Godmother.  She was a baker of so many Christmas cookies and cakes her house was always warm and smelled of cinnamon.  Mine was a two tier round cake with a Christmas tree on top.  She would decorate an ice cream cone with green frosting invert it to look like a tree,  use those silver balls, and red frosting for garland.  The gifts under the tree were sugar cubes with frosting bows.  She and my uncle would be special guest at my party… I think next Christmas I’ll make one of those cakes.

Anyway when you get my age and pass into another decade people begin to notice your birthday a bit more for some odd reason.  This was one of those ” decade” years and my children decide maybe a not enough of my family and friends knew how old I was….so they planned a champagne toast with hors’oeurves….Nice! 

But 2010 decided to go out with a blizzard, dumping 12-16 inches of snow right on my birthday.  The storm had knocked out electricity but drinking by candle light, you know what that can lead to….Anyway I digress!  Cheers to all those brave souls who laughed at Mother Nature’s fury and travel through terrible Taunton  roads for a drink with me?  If the birthday were on the other foot I’d be home in my pjs, I love you all but I will admit to being a fair weather friend.  So the party went on after 24 hours of plowing snow.  Interesting that in 2000 another surprise was planned and held…there was a blizzard then too.  Again many friends braved the weather and celebrated with me.  Really thanks so much but we will not celebrate in the snowy weather again.  New tradition A and I will celebrate together in June.

So a special thanks to my family I love you tons…my traveling friends I owe you a drink and we will sing again in the warmer weather.