Fall not usually a green time of year, but I got an invitation to go to a Celtics game last night and I couldn’t miss such an opportunity.  No time to get any green gear out or purchase new (although it did cross my mind …my coupons were home).  So off into the hustle and bustle of the big city I go with my new BFF Chuck.  We drove into Quincy Station got our Charlie passes and ventured into the depths of Boston’s MTA.  A switch to the Red Line at Park Station and on to North Station crossed the street to eat at The Fours Restaurant & Sports Bar.  Eating amongst all the photos and memorabilia was a good start of better things to come.  We had a 40 minute wait in SRO but the sports talk was engaging and exciting.  I had the chicken wing appetizer and they were  the best.  Only black mark was they only serve pepsi products no coke…. but the ginger ale was good.  We rushed over to the garden in time for the tip-off.  Our first row balcony seats were great I had a perfect view.   BFF brought binoculars and we noticed right away no Big Shamrock he is resting a sore back somewhere but the night did not disappoint.  A slow  first and second quarter led up to a buzzer beater 3 pointer by Ray Allen to tie the score at 47 apiece at the half.  Third quater slow again and the Bucks added to their lead again and again.  Fourth quarter the Celts are pouring it on and getting called for  foul after foul but we tied it at 91 to head into overtime.  Paul Pierce scores his 20,000 point to join 35 other NBA HOFs…NICE.    They kept it up and win 105- 102…super NICE.

I was hesitant to  tell my game friends my 0 and 7 record.  But LUCKY and the green were with us last night for a great fall night in BTown.  Hope it the beginning of a new streak.