Limington, ME

Ahhh, the way life should be.  The weather was perfect, the ladies and I traveled 117-112-5 yardsaling our way across  the farm and fields of York County.  A caravan of two, one truck for the big items and a Chevy suburban, we did our best to fill them up with goodies.   I was not camera ready as I left my trust Canon behind but lots of bargains and friendly folks greeted us at each stop.  Some had little kids selling homemade lemonade and cookies while the adults handled the main items.  One gentleman even had free coffee, donuts, cider, and candy bars; a real treat.  Most states that would be the end of your profits but we’re in Maine today.  There were a lot of great finds but my favorite was this little fat chicken.  But she didn’t come home with me.

The best part we came home to our own little clam and lobsterfest.