Another cowboy breakfast all you can eat…but the casino was closed.  Wonder Wagon, our Subaru rental, heads south today following the Yellowstone across The Blacktail Deer Plateau into the Lamar Valley.  This part of the park is known as the Serengeti of Yellowstone.  

Our first stop is Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces. Why is the landscape so different at the terraces?  Turns out most of the park is made up of the mineral rhyolite, but the terraces are limestone.   This is what our guide-book said “Terraces, one of Yellowstone’s fastest-changing hydrothermal areas, are one of the world’s few active travertine (limestone) terraces. Building for thousands of years, the terraces at Yellowstone are still growing and their hot springs can deposit up to two tons of travertine daily.”  The smell can be very strong and  enjoyed the best of weather but I imagine on an overcast day the smell would intensify and linger.  We are up high on the road with lots of little ponds and interesting creatures below.  Here we spot A’s favorite find 5 Avocets, even with my turbo lens I didn’t get a very good shot.  Other great finds are the Ruddy Duck, Mountain Bluebird, Indigo Bunting, White Pelicans, Brewer’s Black Birds, Pronghorns, a Black Bear, another Grizzly Bear and of course the ever-present Buffalo.

A full day on safari and we arrive at our destination for the night The Yellowstone Lake Hotel.  As we check in they have a string quartet playing chamber music in the front room overlooking the lake.  We decide to sit, enjoy the view and a refreshing beverage.   This room could easily hold 4 of my houses, the windows are 15×20 feet at least, large photographs 3×5 feet,  of the parks best features are displayed around the room.  Our little cabin is perfect,  however there is no cell phone or internet service and we must call home collect.  I wouldn’t want  the park police to get a call from worried husband,  “My family has not checked in with me today. ”    

We enjoy a wonderful dinner watching  a few pink clouds floating along in the evening sky.   My dinner, a risotto with eggplant ragu  was excellent, and the champagne magnifique.