The homemade Grand Teton granola and yogurt was…..grand, and made me want to make my own, I can do that.  Today we head north up to Yellowstone NP but we are only a few miles from the lodge we encounter stopped traffic with lots of folks running with cameras.  We were told you can tell what animal has stopped the traffic by the number of cars:  10 cars = buffalo  20 cars = elk  50 cars = bear or moose.  Yep it’s a grizzly bear he is more than a football field away and moving quickly.  This is the shot I got. 

My camera problem, always having the wrong lens and switching back and forth, is now solved… keep the 250mm on and ready.  Another amazing siting but it has made us rethink our lunch plans….no picnic in the park .  Sure lots of people do it, but bear can smell a PBJ a long way off and they can get into pretty much anything they want.  I imagine their frustration smelling somebody’s BBQ all day getting hungrier by the minute.  I’m just saying we are now very “Bear Aware!”

 We leave the Snake River behind and follow the Lewis River, named for Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark fame, up into Yellowstone.  Our goal today…the world’s best known geyser, Old Faithful.  She provided us, along with hundreds of other visitors,  an on the edge of your seat 20 minute show.  The geyser  lasts about 5 minutes but you can’t take your eyes or camera off it in anticipation of the big event.  A quick trip through the crowds into the gift shop: postcards, a magnet, and a National Parks Yahtzee Game; and we are on the road again.  A mile or 2 north of OF is Black Sand Basin with its boardwalk right through bubbling pools of nearly glowing colors was a great find.

We hiked the day away by geysers, hot springs, mudpots, and fumeroles.   The sights and smells are found no where else on earth.  These are all signs that Yellowstone is one big volcano and she’s not dead yet.  We spotted osprey, elk, buffalo and this one big guy just sitting and watching the tourists.  

At Mammoth Hot Springs we hopped over the border through the famous gate  into Montana and stayed at the Best Western.  Our view  is of the Yellowstone River, dinner was at Outlaw Pizza on the corner on Hellroaring Road and Main Street.  We couldn’t have fit in more park if we tried.