As a person who has lived on the same street her entire life and whose travel experience is a bit limited one might ask “Why Wyoming?”  The answer before I left was quite simply, “Why not.”  On my return however the answer is not simple at all.

It started with flying into Jackson Hole Airport.  I’ve not been in that many airports but JHA, is just amazing.  My window seat provided me with a bird’s-eye view of our approach and landing.  The plane descended just at dusk on Tuesday and the Grand Tetons got grander with each passing minute. 

I deplaned down a maze like stairway right onto the tarmac, here the sky just opened up with a 360 degree view and the Grand Tetons taking up most of that.  Although the light was fading I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks and start clicking away.

My picture-taking was quickly stopped by what, A called the airport police, and I thought they were just two guys helping me out.  Turns out our plane was the last flight of the day and all airport staff just wanted to turn out the light and go home.  They are very conscious of their environmental footprint in WY.

We quickly headed for our rental car, when in the parking lot I saw something that stopped me dead in my tracks.  My daughter thought I found  a gold nugget,  perhaps a diamond, no just an interesting rock, a beautiful smooth round rock (I love rocks).  Aahhgg my first delemma…do I pick up the first rock I see or pace myself throughout the week.  Turns out they have a lot of rocks in WY, from smooth river rocks to the Grand Tetons themselves.  I can’t collect them all…I can’t get them in my luggage…but I can photograph them.  I missed that very first photo however I did my best not to let many get away.  I took 674 photos is 6 days.  Don’t panic they won’t all be here.  Nevertheless, I’ll leave today with the scene just outside our window at the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park.