We celebrated MM birthday with a lobster feast in ME.  The wine and company were wonderful.  The weather was New Englandish, cold and snowy.  The cold was chased away with the wood stove and the snow provided some great pictures.  We always have a good time, thanks to our fantastic hosts. 

I was especially excited to see my first trillium in the wild.  It reminded me of the Lady Slipper but I would often find Lady Slippers in the woods behind our house as a girl.  I know Lady Slippers are protected and I feel quite rare these days.  I couldn’t find much information on the Trillium in Massachusetts, but I gather it likes the mountainous terrain and is a favorite snack for deer, two reasons why you won’t see it in my neck of the woods.  I got some great shots thanks to K.


A turkey walked along the perimeter offering ample photo opportunity but she kept her distance. 

Thanks for the memories E and K, we will be back.