OK let’s just pretend that it hasn’t been so long since my last post.

Now I was just watching my friend The Barefoot Contessa, and she made a really simple carrot salad.  I love carrots and just bought 5 pounds of them.  We were having baked cod for supper and this sounded like just the right complementary side.

So step one shred the carrots….I get out the FP, prepare the carrots and start to shred.  I had done about 3 carrots and stopped to check out my progress.  I called to MM..it doesn’t look like hers.  He comes into the kitchen and noticed I had the puree attachment still in the FP.  I had simply put the shredding attachment on top.  MM comments that I need to take out the puree thingy.  Well how will the shredding thingy work?  You must have another piece. 

OH yes I remember when I kept the FP under the counter Harry found that piece and thought it would be a good key for his bus.  OH NO we can’t lose that,  Memere needs it to cook.  That was over a year ago and I had since moved the FP and put it in the cabinet.  OK I would not throw that piece away,(would I ?) 

So I start to look for it in every nook and cranny, there are a lot of them, but could not find the missing piece.  OK the salad will be a bit finer than shredded.  I complete the salad and start the clean up.  I don’t know a lot….but I do know what I know….and I know that piece should be here.  One last look and yes that is exactly where it should have been. 

The salad was yummy and good.  Now I still have lots of carrots and all the pieces to the FP.  It should be a snap to make next time.  There will be  a next time.

I put all the extra FP parts in a ZipLock baggie and stored it with the FP.  I really need to use it more often.  I live…I cook…I remember.

But I do have a OXO Mandolin used once I think I’ll put it on Craig’s List.